5 Rules for an Effective Corporate Travel Policy

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Always having to change flights, get refunds, different days, switch hotels, TravelPerk has been a lifesaver! I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so happy that you do! You do all the running around for me.

Claire Little

Personal Assistant at GoCardless

If someone has an urgent flight change, instead of us working on this one issue, we can spend it doing other things for the office, which is great.

Marta Kutt

Global Facilities Manager at TransferWise

TravelPerk is the world’s top rated tool for business travel. 

We help admins be the hero of their company by equipping them with 24/7 support for travelers, fast travel booking, and automatic travel spend reports and invoices for the finance team. 

Everybody wins.

About TravelPerk

On-demand webinar

Gideon Pridor
VP Marketing at TravelPerk


You will learn:

The problems (and solutions) with 
current travel policies

Why compliance is so critical

The 5 steps to implementing an effective policy

Brandon Smith
Global Sales Director at TravelPerk